Quality Learning @home

During the lockdown period the WCED would like parents and learners to keep themselves busy. That is why the WCED has updated the e-Portal to ensure that our learners will be able to access Quality Learning @home in a variety of ways.

Schools are closed – Learning is open! (Part 1)

Given the current situation we are all faced with, we have escalated the work that has been done over the past 5 years on e-learning to make our learning environment digital. E-learning is an important part of our vision to ensure Quality Education to all learners, and a means to “Leapfrog inequality”. It is also a skill required for the 21st century.

Quality learning @ home: Grade 12 resources (Part 2)

Grade 12 is already a stressful year for most learners as they complete their schooling career and face their final examinations. With the extended holiday and lockdown period we understand that this can cause further anxiety and distress.

Schools are closed, but learning can and should continue!

Quality reading @ home (Part 3)

The ability to read and write is the foundation on which all further learning is based, and the ability to read for meaning and pleasure is without a doubt the most important skill that children can learn in primary school.

Keeping up with the curriculum (Part 4)

In Part 1, 2 and 3 of our series on Quality Learning @ home, we looked at a variety of digital resources that are available for learning, what our Grade 12s can do to continue studying and how parents can encourage reading as a daily activity in their homes.

Quality teaching @ home (Part 5)

There are multiple platforms and tools for online teaching and learning that could be used. Some are more complex than others, while others are already used by many in our daily lives, but just for other purposes. Therefore, the WCED has put together some simple guides to up-skill teachers in basic, yet valuable, digital activities.