Get the facts

There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves the vaccine is safe and that it provides excellent protection against severe COVID-19 and COVID-19 related death. Get more of the facts below, so that you can make an informed decision.

  • COVID-19 vaccines are tested rigorously and are proven to be safe and effective.
  • If you are an adult with an underlying medical condition or illness, you have a greater risk of severe COVID-19 and should get the vaccine to protect you.
  • It gives nearly 100% protection against severe COVID-19 and COVID-19 related death.
  • It cannot give you COVID-19 as it does not contain any live virus.
  • It cannot change your DNA.
  • No COVID-19 vaccine contains animal products or eggs. The vaccines are suitable for vegans and are halal. The rubber stoppers of the vaccine vials do not contain latex.
  • Click here to learn more about the COVID-19 vaccination.  

With an injection in your upper arm. Some vaccines require two doses and you will be given a date to come back for the second dose.

  • The EVDS is a national system that schedules vaccination appointments for those who have registered by sending an SMS with appointment details.
  • The system finds the closest available site to the person who registered, from those available sites that are active.
  • As more vaccines arrive, more sites will come online. This will result in more appointments being scheduled at sites closer to where you live.

The system will automatically create a new appointment date for you. However, after you have missed 2 appointments, you will have to re-register to get the vaccine.

  • We understand that you are anxious to get your vaccine. If you have registered, we ask that you please wait for your second SMS with your appointment details.
  • This will prevent long queues forming, and a COVID-19 safe process.
  • Walk-ins will be assisted if we have enough vaccines, but people who have received their 2nd SMS and have an appointment, will be prioritised.
  • If you do not have an SMS, you will have to wait without a guarantee that there will be enough additional vaccines on the day to assist you. If there are enough additional vaccines at the site, you will be vaccinated.
  • Yes, we are following a scale-up approach where the number of vaccinations administered daily increases over time, with more and more people getting vaccinated week by week.
  • This is done by opening more sites on a weekly basis until all the planned sites are open.
  • This scale-up approach is necessary because it links to the supply of vaccines from the National Department of Health. Vaccines arrive on a weekly basis in what is called a ‘tranche’. As more vaccines arrive, more sites will be able to open, and more vaccines administered.

The vaccination programme must be fair and equitable, with all residents having access to a site near them. To ensure that this happens, the Western Cape will be opening many sites in every district. These sites will be communicated at a local level as they become active.

  • You should still be vaccinated.
  • Wait until 4 weeks after testing positive for COVID-19 before getting the vaccine.
  • If you were hospitalised with COVID-19, consult your healthcare worker about when it would be safe to get the vaccine.

Even after you received the vaccination, you must continue with COVID-19 prevention measures, such as wearing a mask, keep a physical distance from other people, avoiding crowds and confined spaces, and washing your hands regularly. We must protect those who have not been vaccinated.