Vaccinations are picking up again, let’s continue to increase our protection and not take COVID-19 back to work or school

As the festive season draws to a close, we are starting to see our vaccinations administered starting to pick up again. This is good news, but there is still so much more to do. Since the start of the new year our weekly uptake has increased, though slowly, we are optimistic this will go back to where it was a few weeks back.

For the first four days of this week until 13 January, with a few more days still to go, we administered 41 518 vaccines compared to the previous full week (3-9 January) when we were only able to administer 34 571 vaccines due to the holidays. These totals are already pointing towards positive signs.


Western Cape vaccination performance

To date we have administered 4 563 935 vaccines with 54% (of the adult population) having received their primary vaccine of which 47.25% already being fully vaccinated.

Vaccination performance per age bracket as of 13 January:

  • 60 years and older – 520 619 people (72%) of people have been vaccinated of which 67.44% being fully vaccinated
  • 50-59 age group - 432 117 (63.16%) of people have been vaccinated with 58.66% already fully vaccinated
  • 35-49 age group - 839 212 (55.51%) of people have been vaccinated with 49.83% fully vaccinated
  • 18-34 age group – 875 023 (42.52%) have been vaccinated with 34.46% fully vaccinated
  • In addition, 131 732 of those aged 12 – 17 have also taken up their vaccination.


Booster uptake (as at 13 January)

We have also seen a similar increase in the uptake of booster vaccines. Since the announcement of the availability of booster doses for all eligible age groups, 23 044 people have already taken up this opportunity for added protection. If you have already received your one dose J&J more than two months ago, or your two doses Pfizer at least six months ago, we encourage you to also go for your booster dose. The good news is you do not have to wait for a reminder sms for your booster but can go to a vaccination site without it.

Ms Hazel Malherbe (72) receiving her booster vaccination.jpeg

Ms Hazel Malherbe (72) from Sencit Old Age Home in Strand receiving her Pfizer booster vaccination. 

Ms Arna Theys aged 93 receiving her Pfizer booster vaccination.jpeg

Ms Arna Theys (93) from Sencit Old Age Home in Strand receiving her Pfizer booster vaccination. 


Don’t take COVID back to work or school

As you are preparing to get back to work or go back to school, make sure you are protected. Make this one of your new year’s resolutions - Get your vaccine now so you can have the assurance of protection against becoming severely ill. In addition, wear your mask when outdoors, avoid crowds, do outdoor activities, and ensure good ventilation when indoors.


New data on vaccine efficacy

Recently presented data, have once again shown how effective vaccination is in protecting you against becoming severely ill with COVID-19. So why still wait, vaccinate!

Here is proof vaccination has saved and continues to save live. During this fourth wave:

  • If you are fully vaccinated, your risk of being hospitalised are 3 times lower and
  • nearly 4 times lower of death, when compared to those who were unvaccinated
  • new admissions are currently only at 63% of the third wave peak
  • deaths stand at only 24% of the third wave peak