Statement by Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde on the extension of the lockdown

9 April 2020

South Africans have shown their deep commitment to one another by abiding by the lock down. We can do so for another two weeks in order to stop the spread and save many lives. I am so proud of our people and the resolve we have shown so far, and I urge you all to dig deep now and help us get through the next two weeks by abiding by the lock-down. Thank you so much for your efforts already.

I am, like you, very concerned about the impact of the coronavirus on our economy. I am worried about the many people who might lose their livelihoods and jobs because of this lockdown, and its consequences. That is why we must make sure we implement common sense regulations in this 'new normal' that continues to limit our movement, so as to stop the spread, but will still allow some economic activity to continue.

We believe that we need to find the balance between controlling people’s movements and controlling their individual rights and freedoms. We must stop the spread of the virus and save lives, while also limiting its impact on job-losses in the future.

Businesses should be enabled to innovate to deliver their products safely, and for those that can’t, we need stronger support packages to get them through and a clear stimulus plan for when the lock-down is lifted. As a government, we will be looking to help as much as we can. Our ministers will be working very hard to respond to the challenges that this extended lockdown period will bring in their portfolios.

South Africa can rise - we have shown it before. I know we can do it again. We need a common resolve and determination now more than ever. Together, let’s stop the spread.