Premier Winde welcomes opening of 18+ vaccine registration

I welcome, with excitement, the announcement today that residents in the 18 to 34-year-old age cohort (or 18+) will be eligible to register and get vaccinated from tomorrow onwards. This now means that all adult residents living in the Western Cape will have access to the lifesaving and job-creating vaccines. 

At the launch of the Athlone Stadium mass vaccination site on Monday, I called for the vaccination of residents 18 years and older to be brought forward earlier so that we can keep the momentum of our vaccination programme going, especially given the increase in supplies available.

We’ve seen major interest and excitement from this age group, and we look forward to them making use of our vaccination sites. We have the capacity, infrastructure and supplies to manage this increased demand.

To the young people who will now be eligible for your vaccine – the vaccines are safe, they work, and they will help get our economy growing again, saving jobs. They will also allow us to once again do the things we love, go to the places we love, and be with the people we love. Every person, no matter their age, has a role in making this possible.

We also need your help. Residents over 50 years old are still at the highest risk of requiring hospitalisation and dying from COVID-19, and so please bring your mom, dad, grandma, or grandad with you when you come for your vaccination if they are not yet vaccinated. I am sure they will appreciate the support in getting to the site.

Registering for your vaccine is quick and easy, and can be done by: