Premier Winde launches “Stay Safe. Save Lives” street-pole-poster public awareness campaign

Premier poster portrait.JPG

This morning, I erected some of the Western Cape Government’s first “Stay Safe. Save Lives” street-pole-poster in Elsie’s River, Tygerberg Sub-District – in the City of Cape Town. This is the district with the most confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Western Cape.

Over the next week, nearly 10 000 posters will be erected in the identified hotspots in the City of Cape Town, Cape Winelands, Overberg and West Coast Districts.

The overwhelming majority of these posters (nearly 8500) will be erected in Cape Town hotspots, representing the single biggest known poster-campaign run in the metro by the Provincial Government.

The “Stay Safe. Save Lives” campaign will run in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa and reminds our residents of the key behaviour changes that are needed to slow the spread of the virus.

The more we interrupt this transmission, the more we can protect the most vulnerable in our society – and save lives.

An important part of this campaign is conveying to our residents that this behaviour change is not just needed to keep ourselves safe. When we change our behaviour, we are doing it for the ones we love – our grandparents, best friends, brothers and sisters, aunties, and children.

Every time you wear a mask when in public, keep your distance, and avoid gatherings, you are doing it for these loved ones too. Always keep them on your mind - staying safe means they stay safe too.

There are 10 formulations in the poster campaign, and each are translated into English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa. The key messages are:

  • “Keep Safe. Keep Gran Safe.”
  • “Keep Your Distance. Keep Grandpa Safe.”
  • “Stay Home. Keep Auntie Safe.”
  • “Sneeze into a tissue. Keep your Friends Safe.”
  • “Avoid Gatherings. Keep your Sister Safe.”
  • “Wear a mask. Keep your Brother Safe.”
  • “Clean Hands Keep your Family Safe.”
  • “Sick? Stay home and call 021 928 4102”
The “Stay Safe. Save Lives” public awareness campaign is the second phase of the Western Cape Government’s significant Covid-19 public awareness campaign which commenced in March 2020.
The “Stay Safe. Save Lives” phase includes:
  • SMS and Please Call Me messages
  • Facebook advertising, geo-targeted to hotspot areas
  • Loud hailing
  • Radio ads by healthcare workers on key radio stations listened to by communities in hotspots
  • In-taxi advertising

To date, the Western Cape Government has:

  • Aired 7 different radio ads in all 3 languages on 29 radio stations, with a high frequency (allowing us to reach 82% of population)
  • Advertised in community newspapers across the province
  • Run Facebook adverts across the province
  • Distributed in excess of 10 million SMSs across the province
  • Undertaken loud hailing in Cape Town
  • Distributed around 1,8 million pamphlets across the Western Cape, in partnership with GCIS Western Cape, the City of Cape Town and other municipalities.
While I was in Elsie's River this morning, I spoke to some residents who expressed their concern that people in their community were not adhering to social distancing- even in places where stripes have been painted onto the pavements. It is up to all of us to ensure that we are acting responsibly and taking those precautions that will help us to stay safe and save lives.