Media release by Premier Alan Winde: This Mandela Day, remember that we are stronger, together.

South Africans across our beautiful country have been shaken by the recent unrest seen in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. I am personally shocked at the images of violence and looting, and devastated by what this means for the livelihoods of many people.  

In a time of crisis, such as we face now, it is worth remembering, as Nelson Mandela so powerfully represented, that we are stronger, together, and that violence and hate will be no match for all the good that exists in our communities. 

There could therefore be no better moment for a Mandela Day to recommit ourselves to the values that Madiba stood for, and to once again stand together to reject violence and hate, and commit instead to peace and prosperity. 

I therefore urge every single resident in the Western Cape, wherever you may be, to use this Mandela Day to pause and reflect on all that is kind, good and beautiful in our province and country, and to remember that we are truly, stronger together, united in our diversity.  

I also encourage you to find safe ways to support your fellow citizens during this difficult time for our country. Every bit will go a long way, and helping others in some way over the next week will make a difference. 

The Western Cape is still in the middle of a deadly third wave of COVID-19 infections, and we still have many people in the over 50 age bracket who have not yet registered or been vaccinated. These people are largely from poorer communities in our province, and I am concerned that they are being left behind. One way you can support us this Mandela Day is helping get someone else registered for their vaccine, and if you can, getting them to a vaccine site when it is their turn. 

In supporting this idea, the CEO of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Sello Hatang, said: "As the Covid vaccination roll-out moves into its next phases in South Africa, the Nelson Mandela Foundation encourages everyone to support it. This means getting vaccinated as soon as one can. It also means supporting others to do so. Why not make this a Mandela Day commitment for July? You can do so by sharing relevant information with others, assisting those struggling with registration processes, providing transport to those in need, and so on. And then make every day a Mandela Day."

The Western Cape Government is also partnering with Ladles of Love in a tin food collection drive. If you do not have something planned for your 67 minutes yet,  please help this charity who will ensure the food supports those most in need.

Donations can be dropped off at the collection boxes at the concourse level 'The Arches', Provincial Legislature Building, 4 Dorp Street (rear entrance), Cape Town. Should you not be able to drop off your tin food donation in the CBD, you can also visit any of Ladles of Love 38 depots across the Metro, listed here

I know this has been a difficult and stressful week for our country, and many, many people are anxious and unsure about what this means for South Africa. I urge you to not lose hope, to remain calm and to reject violence, so that we continue to move the Western Cape forward.