Department remains committed to vaccination targets through its continued vaccination drive

As we get back into the swing of vaccination after the Festive Season, we once again appeal to all eligible persons to get vaccinated or take up their booster dose. These vaccinations have proven to be effective in protecting you from becoming severely ill. 

As expected, fewer people went for vaccination during the Festive Season as many went on holiday. Our focus now shifts back to creating demand. Vaccination sites and outreaches that were temporarily closed, to give staff a break, will reopen in the coming week, which means the number of vaccination sites will increase and more outreaches will enable access to vaccination closer to where people live. 


National vaccination performance as at 6 January (excluding 12-17 year olds) of adults vaccinated 

National vaccination performance as at 6 January (excluding 12-17 year olds) of adults vaccinated


Western Cape targets and performance 

We have seen small increases in all age groups and would really like to improve the vaccination coverage, so that we can have 85% of the over 50-year-old cohort fully vaccinated and 65% of the 18–49-year-old cohort vaccinated with at least one dose. 

To date we have administered 4 490 554 vaccines and vaccinated 53.23% (of the adult population) who have received at least one dose with 46.70% already being fully vaccinated. 

Vaccination performance per age bracket (with at least one dose): 

  • 60 years and older - 519 114 people (71.78%) of people have been vaccinated of which 67.08% being fully vaccinated 
  • 50-59 age group - 430 505 (62.93%) of people have been vaccinated with 58.24% already fully vaccinated  
  • 35-49 age group - 834 407 (55.19%) of people have been vaccinated with 49.29% fully vaccinated  
  • 18-34 age group - 864 741 (42.02%) have been vaccinated with 33.79% fully vaccinated  
  • In addition, 111 875 of those aged 12 – 17 have also taken up their vaccination. 


Booster uptake 

Since the announcement of the availability of booster doses for all eligible age groups, 8 292 people have already taken up this opportunity for added protection. If you have already received your one dose J&J more than two months ago, or your two doses Pfizer six months ago, we encourage you to also go for your booster dose. 


Vaccination remains best defence 

As seen throughout this pandemic, the virus has already mutated into several variants and the vaccines have proven to be the most effective weapon in preventing us from becoming severely sick. We once again appeal to those who have not yet been vaccinated and those eligible for their booster dose to take up the vaccination and ensure you have the best possible protection as we move forward with our lives while living with this virus.  

We will continue our efforts to increase uptake of vaccination in all groups through our various sites, pop-up outreaches and the vaxi taxi initiative and plea with the public to make use of them during this new year as many people have already done.