What does it mean if I work in an essential service?

Each essential business needs to plan for how they continue their operations: they will need to meet appropriate safety and hygiene measures to stop the spread of Covid-19, or arrange for essential work to be done from home. You should work from home if you can, but your employer will tell you about the specific arrangements for your workplace.

I’m an essential worker – what do I need to do to keep safe?

Workers need to take reasonable care of their own health and safety, and the health and safety of others, while working. This means following and cooperating with any reasonable health and safety instructions, policies and procedures that you’re given, to stay safe and to make sure you don’t risk the health and safety of others that you come in contact with through your work.

Work with your employer to help develop any new ways of working that are needed to keep you and others safe.

I am an artist - will any support be made available to ensure we can financially sustain ourselves until shows can be scheduled again?

The Department of Culture, Arts and Sport is currently engaged in discussions with various stakeholders to see what would be possible. We understand that artists are greatly affected by the restrictions and we will explore various avenues and put together a plan on how to address this. We will be guided by the National department in compiling this plan.

I work in the agriculture industry - where can I find more information about operating during the lockdown?

For more information on the implication of the lockdown regulations on Agriculture and Agri-processing visit: www.elsenburg.com