Archived Health Resources

The following resources have been archived and can be accessed here:


General Advice (Winter 2020)
Social Distancing 
Chronic Medication
Know what to do when sick
How to clean and disinfect
Using shared toilets and taps
Growth of laboratory confirmed Covid-19 cases 
Decedent guidelines
Guide for handling human remains
Look after our health, Look after our future
Food & Kitchen Safety 
Criteria for testing in the Cape Metro
Places of worship: Protect yourself 

Protect yourself at your place of worship

Protect yourself at Mosque

Hand Hygiene

Places of worship: Work Safely


Symptom Screening

COVID-19 Testing Criteria ( Aug 2021) 
Facility isolation
Col 3



How to shop safely
How to stay safe at a till point
How to work safely in the retail sector
How to manage COVID in the retail sector
Store capacity poster
Symptom screening checklist
Grocery Store Staff 

Transport and Travel

Using public transport 
Travel Safety: Taxi Driver and Conductor