How to register on EVDS

Registering for your COVID-19 vaccine is quick and easy. Visit:

Are you 18 years or older? 

Please visit:, on the landing page select ‘Yes’ if you are 18 years and older. 

You will need your ID, passport or refugee/asylum number. 


Please note: After the Sisonke Programme has come to an end, online registration is no longer open for healthcare workers. Please be so kind and liaise with your supervisor to be registered and scheduled. 

Step 1
Complete personal information. 
Step 2
Provide a cellphone number where confirmation of your registration and your appointment details can be sent via SMS.
Step 3.jpg
Complete residential details 
Border Step 4
Select a vaccination site closest to where you stay and your appointment preference.
Step 5 - 1.jpg
Step 5 - 2.jpg
Only complete if you belong to a medical aid
Step 6.jpg
Confirm that your details are correct and tick the box. Then read the terms and conditions and tick the box if you agree. Both boxes must be ticked to proceed.
Step 7.jpg
Registration has been successful.
Step 8.jpg