Get the facts, visit our website and use this resource to being vaccinated

Six months into the COVID-19 vaccination rollout there are still people who are hesitant about getting vaccinated due to so much misinformation being circulated on social media.

The Western Cape Department of Health continues to combat the spread of misinformation as it leads to false information which is then taken as the “truth”. The Department has throughout the pandemic, for more than 20 months kept the public informed through its credible, accurate information sharing portal on


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This portal is rich of accurate information, which includes:

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the vaccine
  • Vaccine safety in general
  • Vaccines and pregnancy
  • And much more

We once again appeal to everyone who has not yet been vaccinated, to visit this website and educate yourself with proven, research and scientific information on how the vaccine was developed, how safe it is and how great it protects you against the virus. We also encourage you to speak to your doctor, so that you get the facts from a source you trust.

We know not everyone has data to visit this website, which is why it is zero-rated and you do not need data to view or download any of the resources. If you know of someone who may not have access to technology, download and share the resources with them.

The right information is a fingertip away. Make the right choice, be informed by evidence and let it guide you in getting vaccinated.